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The amenities at the Makaha Surfside condominium project include:

24-hour security seven days a week in a gated community with uniformed security guards, a security booth, monitoring by security cameras, etc.,

An on-site management office and management by an established local real estate management company,

Two swimming pools and one “kiddie” pool,

One partially covered outdoor barbeque area,

One exercise room with a state-of-the-art Universal 12-station fitness machine and a treadmill,

Two saunas (one in the women's restroom and the other in the men's restroom),

Landscaped grounds featuring meandering concrete walking paths surrounded by tropical vegetation, including beach naupaka, flowering hibiscus, bird of paradise and fragrant pikake (a type of jasmine), flowering Bougainvillea in several shades, lau'ae ferns, impatience flowers, coconut trees, plumeria trees, Ixora, hibiscus with pink, white or red flowers, etc.,

Two self-service coin-operated laundry facilities, one at either end of the project,

One small convenience store,

Complimentary on-site ground-level guest parking (sometimes subject to availability),

Outdoor basketball courts and an oceanfront running track which the public may use when school is not in session,

Public tennis courts (that are lighted at night) at the nearby Waianae Harbor Park, that guests may walk to in five to ten minutes and use, subject to availability,  


The view of one of the project's two swimming pools from
the unit as you look out the windows toward the Waianae

The smaller of the two swimming pools in the project.

The tropically landscaped grounds around part of the
building in which the unit is located.

Exotic bird of paradise flowers ornament the project's
landscaped grounds. 

Native lau'ae ferns sprout from the tropical landscaping on
the grounds.

Pink impatience flowers add a touch of color to the
landscaping alongside concrete pathways that meander
through the grounds.

Naupaka kahakai, which literally means "naupaka by the
sea," is commonly known to Islanders as "beach naupaka."
The tiny white flower of this plant has petals only on the
lower half of the flower.  Beach naupaka grows well in sandy
soil and is plentiful on the oceanside of the condominium
project.  Another type of naupaka is mountain naupaka.
Its tiny white flower has petals only on the top half of the
flower.  According to an ancient Hawaiian legend, Pele, the
Hawaiian goddess of fire, one day learned of two young
lovers who were smitten with each other.  Pele was attracted
to the handsome young man and, to entice him, appeared
before him in the image of a beautiful and seductive woman.
However, the young man rejected Pele's affections and
remained bonded to his beautiful lover.  In anger, Pele chased
the young man into the mountains and, in revenge, hurled
molten lava at him.  Her sisters witnessed Pele's actions and,
to save the young man from death, changed him into mountain
naupaka.  Enraged, Pele refocused her anger on the young
woman and chased her toward the sea.  Pele's sisters
intervened again and, to save the beautiful young woman from
Pele's wrath, they changed the young woman into beach naupaka.
Legend has it that if the mountain naupaka and the beach
naupaka flowers ever come together, the two young lovers will
be reunited.  

Brilliant fuchsia-colored Bougainvillea grows in abundance on
the grounds.  The colorful ornamental plant derives its name
from the French explorer Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, who
is credited as having been the first Frenchman to
circumnavigate the globe.  

Pink plumeria are among the flowers that bloom on the
tropically landscaped grounds of the Makaha Surfside.

Red Ixora flowers brighten the landscaped grounds of the
condominium project. 

You can see luscious sunsets like this one from the beach
fronting the condo project nearly every evening.

"A sunset a day keeps the doctor away."