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The Kitchen

This is the view of the entrance hallway and kitchen with
your back facing the ocean.  The kitchen includes a full-
sized white refrigerator/freezer, a white electric range with
four burners and an oven, a stainless steel sink, a microwave
oven, cabinets and a Martha Stewart kitchen island with
a butcher block tabletop.  A hand-crafted seashell wreath
hangs inside the front door to the apartment (down the
entrance hallway on the left-hand side of the photo).  


The kitchen includes a full-sized electric range with four
burners and an oven.  The built-in kitchen cabinets above
the stainless steel sink store sets of matching dishes,
glassware and serving plates, while the drawers contain a
matching set of turquoise flatware, matching aqua cloth
napkins, a matching chef's apron, various kitchen gadgets,

The microwave oven sits on the end of a white kitchen
island with a butcher block top covered by a turquoise vinyl

The kitchen includes a full-sized white refrigerator.

The kitchen also includes four matching Martha Stewart white stools with spindled legs, pots and pans, place settings of matching aqua ceramic dishes (including dinner plates, bowls, cups and saucers), turtle-printed mugs, large bright blue Melamine fish-shaped bowls, small bright blue Melamine fish-shaped bowls, dark blue glass glass fish-shaped designer plates, five-piece place settings of aqua flatware, stemmed aqua wine glasses, royal blue glass goblets, a stainless steel tea kettle, pots and pans, an electric can opener, miscellaneous kitchen utensils and accessories, kitchen towels, cloth napkins, start-up paper towels and cleaning supplies, etc.

A framed reproduction of a painting of a cottage by the
ocean and its meandering pathway to the beach just
outside graces the wall above the microwave oven.