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The entrance to the bathroom.

On the wall behind the basin, the ocean-themed bathroom
features a large bathroom mirror encircled in white seashells.
Below the mirror is a handy shelf lined with bright blue
wallpaper depicting a photo of dolphins playing in the ocean.

The bathroom's colorful shower curtain shows a four-color
photograph of coconut trees against a bright blue sky and
the ocean.  

The bathroom includes a a full bathtub and tiled shower stall.

A retractable clothesline in the back of the tiled bathtub and
shower is a handy convenience.

Matching bright blue, sage green and white bath and hand
towels are stored on open white shelving in the bathroom.
The framed whimsical artwork of a red-haired mermaid on
the left was created by local artist Patricia Federspiel

Four framed photographs of tropical beach scenes bring a
touch of the ocean to the bathroom.

Bath towels hang on a dolphin-themed towel rack on the
bathroom door.

You can put your laundry in a mesh laundry bag and
machine wash your laundry in coin-operated washing
machines at one of the property's two self-service,
coin-operated laundry facilities.

A seashell-ornamented tissue holder and seashell-shaped
ceramic vessels reflect the bathroom's ocean theme.

The bathroom is appointed with matching bright blue bath rugs, eight art images framed under glass, a glass bowl of seashells, a starfish, an atmospheric frosted gold-toned glass seahorse lamp nestled in a dish of seashells, two white laminate storage units, three white plastic drawers in the cabinet underneath the basin, a large wall mirror trimmed in white seashells, a seashell-encrusted tissue holder and two dark blue ceramic seashell-shaped containers.  Also included are start-up liquid and bar soap and basic toiletries, start-up cleaning supplies, start-up paper towels and toilet paper, etc.