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The apartment is fully furnished and appointed in white and a palette of turquoise and other ocean blues, and includes the following:

The Main Room

The oceanfront studio apartment with a custom wall bed, seen in this photo in the closed, upright position.

Overlooking a beautiful view of the ocean and coastline, the
main room features a custom state-of-the-art white laminate
queen-sized wall bed with a new queen-sized mattress (with
a quilted bedspread imprinted with a seashell print in blue,
aqua and white, and complementary queen-sized sheets and
pillow cases).  Two matching white laminate shelf and drawer units frame either side of the wall bed, providing storage for clothing and household items.

The wallbed in the closed position.

When in its closed position, the wall bed resembles a closet.

Two white laminate vertical shelf and drawer units flank either
side of the wall bed.

A framed reproduction of a work of art by local artist Russell
Lowrey features a scene similar to the one you see outside.

Relax on a white leather couch accented with color-
coordinated hand-painted toss cushions in hues of blue and aqua.

A "faux" shuttered window above the white couch reflects
an additional view of the ocean and coconut trees into the
unit.  A framed reproduction of a  work of art by Kailua-Kona
fine artist Penny Gupton (www.pennygupton.com) graces the

Enjoy a view of the mountains from the sliding doors beyond
the couch. 

This cozy nook is a good place to sit and read a book.

In addition to the above, the unit is pleasantly appointed with ocean-themed curios on the shelves, white wicker end tables, twin/full sheets and pillow cases for the couch or inflatable air mattress, a white-faced LCD television set and a DVD player on a movable white laminate cart, an under-the-counter CD player and MP3 player with an AM/FM radio and all weather station, two portable radios, one battery operated alarm clock, two deep aqua chairs with soft blue fabric cushions and back scarves, several pieces of ocean oriented artwork framed under glass, a "faux" window consisting of a large framed mirror flanked by white shutters, sliding glass doors and jalousies revealing a million-dollar panoramic view of the ocean and shoreline, and a built-in Energy Star air conditioner with a remote control.

Lighting in the main room includes a ceiling light fixture in the entrance hallway, an under-the-counter fluorescent tube light above the kitchen sink, two three-way (50-100-150 watt) brushed silvertone torchiere floor lamps, two dimmable frosted glass seahorse-shaped bedside lamps, two dimmable electric aqua glass mosaic hurricane-styled lamps and a two-way standing lamp with an adjustable "goose neck." 

In addition, a built-in two-door white wardrobe stores the
quilted bedspread for the wall bed and extra blankets, and
offers additional storage for clothes and accessories. 

Custom white horizontal blinds by Bali and ivory-colored curtains afford
the unit total privacy when desired.  When the blinds and
curtains are in the open position, one sees a magnificent
view of the ocean, coastline and Mauna Lahilahi out the
sliding doors and windows.